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Belmopan Belize - the Capital of Belize Online

Belmopan Belize, the 'Garden City' and capital of Belize, is a beautiful and wonderful city that has treated our family well since we moved here several years ago.  However, when we first arrived in Belmopan we continually had questions about the city that were at times hard to answer – Where do we find certain products/services? Where can we find a house for rent? How many Belmopan hotels are there? What are some of the upcoming events in the city?  So we created this site to help ourselves and others ‘discover Belmopan’ and all it has to offer.  Whether you are looking for Belmopan news, Belmopan events, general Belize information or Belmopan info and/or a directory of Belmopan businesses – this site has it all.  We also have a forum where you can find or post information about jobs in Belmopan, items for sale, Belmopan real estate (sale, rent, looking) and general/religious announcements.  Finally we have a kids (pikni) page that helps children learn about Belize and find safe online activities for their enjoyment.

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